Struggling with sexual dysfunction is every man’s biggest nightmare. With age however this is not easy to avoid with many men suffering from it. Urogenx offers a solution to this. Other than helping men better their sex life, this blend of natural herbs boosts energy and helps deal with problems that affect elderly men. This is a dietary supplement you can buy without any prescription.

Urogenx Company Behind

This supplement is manufactured by Urogenx LLC, a US-based company.

Urogenx Claims

Urogenx claims that it can:

  • Help men get stringer and firmer erections
  • Enhance sexual desire and libido
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Lead to energy boost

Get Bigger And Last Longer!

When you are trying to have a bit of steamy romance with your girl the last thing you want is to be premature or worse yet, unable to rise to the occassion. Unfortunately this is a part of life for many aging men as they lose 80% of their testosterone from between 25 and 65 years old. Thankfully there is a solution that can turn this issue into a thing of the past when you use Male Enhancement Cream!

This advanced proprietary blend of all natural ingredients was specially formulated to help you get bigger and harder while letting you pleasure her better for hours with a difference you both will experience! If you want the most powerful, intense orgasms you have ever had then this cream will help you become a beast in the bedroom!

Urogenx Ingredients

Urogenx is made up of several herbs all of which are natural. One ingredient is L-Arginine which is an amino acid obtained from protein food sources. It is responsible for raising Nitric Oxide levels. This is a very important chemical in achieving an erection and maintaining it. Other ingredients included are horny goat weed extract, bioperine, saw palmetto extract, gingko extract and muira puama extract. Each of these has been studied and proven to be effective in enhancing sexual functioning.

How Does Urogenx Work?

Urogenx is meant to be taken on a daily basis after a meal. Once in the stomach, the pill will be absorbed into the blood and the ingredients will then get to work. All of these have been tested and proven to actually confer increased male sexual functioning. Urogenx ensures that you have optimal sexual health. This is done through increasing the amount of Nitric Oxide in blood.

Urogenx Pros

When used as instructed, Urogenx is safe for use. It confers several benefits to the body, not just dealing with bettering sexual health. It increases the energy levels and may more benefits. It has no side effects and is therefore a better option compared o therapeutic solutions.

  •   Longer, Harder, Stronger Erections
  • naturalgarciniacambogiaBullet  Easily and Quickly Become Aroused
  • naturalgarciniacambogiaBullet  Last All Not Long Effortlessly
  • naturalgarciniacambogiaBullet  Get Those Epic Orgasms
  • naturalgarciniacambogiaBullet  All Natural Formula

As you age your body goes through many changes. One issue that occurs is partial or totally erectile dysfunction that can be causes from your circulatory system running below optimal efficiency. Less blood flow mean you will have a harder time becoming and staying aroused. If you are having issues maintain a big, rock hard erection then it is time to consider using an enhancement. However, you do not have to try pills with ingredients as mysterious as the side effects. Nor do you have to use painful, ineffective pumps or commit to invasive, expensive surgery that could potentially cause your permanent issues. The answer is much easier, safer and faster than all these methods which is what makes it a top choice for male enhancement.


Male Enhancement is your ticket to all night romance that is superior in passion and pleasure so both you are your lady can have the best sex of your life! Never before has it been safer and easier to achieve these incredible results that will have your sexual performance through the roof!

Urogenx Cons

Sold at $89.56 this is one the more expensive supplements for bettering sexual health. The trial period of 14 days is short compare to what others offer. You may not even be able to notice the effect of the supplement by then since natural products take long before their effects can be felt. The information provided about the product’s manufacturing is scarce and this may put off some potential clients.

Urogenx Results

With the use of this supplement you can expect to get increased sex drive and libido as well as a boost in energy.

Where to buy Urogenx?

Urogenx can be bought only on the official Urogenx website. It is yet to be availed on other onlie stores but comes with a 14-day trial.

Is Urogenx a Scam?

No. It is not a scam. Many people have actually tried it and obtained results.

Urogenx Side Effects

Urogenx does not cause any side effects since all the ingredients that make it are naturally-occurring. It however must be used as per instructions.

Final Verdict

This is a good supplement that any man struggling with their sexual health should try.


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